Finding out that your child has been diagnosed with a developmental disability is among the most frightening experiences a parent will ever go through. Many parents blame themselves and still worse, feel alone and helpless. 

First, there is no reason to blame yourself. No one knows the causes of autism and many other disabilities. 

Second, you are not alone. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2014), Autism affects 1 in 68 children in the United States. 

Third, there is help for you and your child. In 1999 the US Surgeon General reported, “Thirty years of research demonstrated the efficacy of applied behavioral methods in reducing inappropriate behavior and in increasing communication, learning and appropriate social behavior.” Also in 1999, the New York Department of Health stated, “Based upon strong scientific evidence, it is recommended that principles of applied behavior analysis and behavior intervention strategies be included as an important element of any intervention program for young children with autism.” 

Over 400 peer reviewed research studies have demonstrated that many children with autism and developmental disabilities show dramatic and long lasting improvements in communication, language, and social skills after receiving early intensive behaviorally based instruction. No other form of treatment for autism or other developmental disabilities has the amount or quality of scientific evidence attesting to its effectiveness as does early intensive behavioral interventions (Heward, 2009).