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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

ABA is a discipline that employs research-based treatment founded on the science of behavior analysis. ABA uses objective measurement of the important behavior deficits and excess, experimentally proven treatments, and meaningful outcomes for children. ABA has received much attention in the field of autism but is effective for all children.

ABA Services for Autism



Dr. David F Bicard, founder and CEO of Great Leaps Learning Center has over 25 years of experience treating the behavioral symptoms that comprise this spectrum disorder. He leads a team of ten behavior technicians seeking to provide the highest quality behavior analytic services for children, families, and organizations in Alabama.

Meet the Team

An Amazing Setting

The center is located in the Easter Seals building next to Baptist South Hospital. Our renovated space now features a reception, family waiting, and therapy areas. The therapy area consists of small rooms for one-to-one sessions and large areas for play-based instruction. "Great leaps in development are made by small improvements every day" isn't just our slogan.... it's integrated into everything we do... even our decor! Visit our blog to see what is "hoppin" in the center!

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